252 - Pain Free People Management

Pain Free People Management


About The Book

This is a must for any newly appointed manager or those quite simply wanting to improve their management skills. Packed full of key insights, tools and techniques for managing and leading a team of people its focus is on how to get people to willingly give of their best, both at an individual and a team level.

The processes and skills to understand people’s unique motivators, agree performance measures, coach and develop people to realise their potential and build people into a team that smashes targets are all covered in detail.

If you want a handbook to get started on people management this is it.

You can easily adapt this product for use in online learning and online education programmes as well as an inclusion in your learning online resources.


This e-book contains all the essential knowledge, insights and skills to take on a managerial role for the first time or to improve performance as an existing, experienced manager. Find out how to motivate people at an individual and team level, use tools and techniques to build a high performing team and learn how to coach people to willingly give of their best. All this content is covered in this book packed full of ideas, illustrations and exercises. Oh, and learn how to manage upwards!

Use this product as a powerful professional development, staff development and self development tool.

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