Communicating effectively face to face


Earn 1 CPD Point with this Resource

How can I improve my communication skills? What are effective face to face communication skills? What makes a face to face communication effective? Quite obviously good face to face communication skills are critical to the success of a manager. Effective managers need to be able to communicate their ideas clearly and concisely and with real impact. They may not naturally be good communicators but they can learn to be so. If this applies to you then this resource is designed to help you.

Using a simple diagnostic you will firstly be able to establish your strengths and weaknesses in eight areas of face to face communication skill. These are;

  1. Use of Words.
  2. Use of Voice.
  3. Use of Body Language.
  4. Use of Questioning Skills.
  5. Use of Listening Skills.
  6. Use of Consulting Skills.
  7. Use of Persuasion Skills
  8. Cultural Awareness.

You will be able to use extensive explanatory notes describing each area of skill in detail and how to use that skill. You will be able to immediately improve your face to face communications. You will also be able to use a Personal Development Plan to further grow your skills.


  • Being more clear and concise in your communications with others.
  • Enabling others to understand you more easily.
  • Persuading others more effectively.
  • Getting results through others more easily and quickly.
  • Growing your confidence in communicating with others generally.