Identifying your own influencing style


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What are the different ways to influence people? How can I improve the way I influence people? How can I influence others in a more effective way? The key to successful influencing is to influence others the way they like to be influenced. Many managers fail when trying to influence others because they use a style which they like to be used on them. It does not work and consequently they fail!

So, the first step to be able to influence others is to understand the different influencing styles. This resource will enable you to do this and will enable you to identify your own preferred influencing styles and those of others. You will then be able to influence others using a style to which they respond well. Using this resource you will be able to identify nine different types of influencing style. They are;

  1. Beliefs Driven.
  2. Objective Setting.
  3. Friendship, Visioning.
  4. Logical Persuasion.
  5. Collaborative.
  6. Status.
  7. Catalyst.
  8. Coaching.

You will be able to identify which style different people prefer and how to use that style effectively when selling your ideas to them. You will be able to use comprehensive explanations and guidelines to do this. You will also be able to use a Personal Planning Template and Action Plan to grow your skills in this area.


  • Increasing the ease with which you influence others .
  • Obtaining more success in selling your ideas to others.
  • Improving your leadership skills.
  • Increasing your influence up, down and across your organisation.
  • Building more positive relations with key stakeholders.