Influencing and Managing Key Stakeholders


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What are the different types of stakeholders? How can I improve my stakeholder management? What is the best way to manage stakeholders?

Managing and influencing stakeholders becomes more important to managers when they need stakeholder backing to changes they want to make. Stakeholders are those people who have a vested interest in the impact a proposed change will have on them. They broadly fall into four categories: Resistors, Followers, Supporters and the Apathetic. Influencing them directly or getting them to influence on your behalf requires real skill.

This resource examines that skill and answers the above three questions. Using it you will be able to Identify Key Stakeholders in a given situation;

  • Analyse their Reaction to your Proposed Change
  • Create a Stakeholder Management Strategy
  • Communicate a Stakeholder Communication Plan
  • Implement the Plan to successfully influence/manage their reactions

Using detailed guidelines you will able to understand the needs of Financial, User and Specialist stakeholders and satisfy those needs. You will also be able to identify and work with a Champion to help and support you with your stakeholder management activities. The use of a Personal Development Plan template will help you to grow your skills in this important skill area.


  • Positively influencing stakeholders over whom you have no direct control or authority.
  • Managing the reactions of different stakeholder types to get their backing to your ideas.
  • Using a communication plan to plan the content and style of stakeholder communications. 
  • Working with a champion who will assist you in your stakeholder influencing and management.
  • Widening your sphere of influence within your organisation.