Influencing Without Authority


Earn 1 CPD Point with this Resource

How can I improve my influencing skills? What should I do to influence people I do not manage? How can I influence people I work with? These days managers can be required to work in complex structures in which collaborative working is required, and they do not have direct authority or control over others they need to influence. They need to sell their ideas in a way which others will willingly accept them and buy into them. We call this Influencing Without Authority.

To do this well you need to understand what we call the ‰Û÷DNA‰۪ of influencing i.e. what is at the heart of effective influencing. Using this resource you will be able to understand the six contributors to influencing without authority. They are;

  1. Connecting with People in the right way.
  2. Using your Personal Credibility.
  3. Being Culturally Aware.
  4. Building Relationships.
  5. Staying in Touch.
  6. Communicating your Value.

You will be able to use a questionnaire to identify your strengths and weaknesses in these areas. You will then the be able to use comprehensive explanations of each contributor to use a reflection exercise to plan an improvement to an existing situation you face. You will also be able to use a Personal Development Plan to grow your skills in this area.


  • Being able to influence more effectively in complex structures.
  • Building collaborative partnerships and working more successfully.
  • Winning over key stakeholders in political environments.
  • Obtaining the willing following of those over whom you have no direct control.
  • Establishing greater personal credibility in your dealings with others.