Presenting with Impact


Earn 1 CPD Point with this Resource

How can I make effective presentations? What skills are required to make good presentations? How can I be more confident when masking presentations? Making powerful and memorable presentations is a key part of a manager‰۪s job. But many managers struggle with nerves and a lack of confidence when delivering presentations. This is simply because they lack an understanding of the basics when making presentations.

This resource covers these basics. You will learn how to adopt a positive Mindset, how to control Nerves, how to bring alive your Content, how to use your Voice effectively in delivery and how to use your Posture and Body Language to fully engage with your audience. You will also learn how to handle Questions and Objections effectively. You will be able to Plan and Deliver presentations knowing that you will make a positive impact. Finally, you will be able to use a Personal Planning Process to grow your skills further.


  • Knowing how to deliver powerful presentations.
  • Increasing your confidence when making presentations.
  • Using powerful presentation skills in your daily communications,
  • Growing your personal credibility.
  • Enhancing your future career prospects.