Using Your Senses To Communicate Effectively


Earn 1 CPD Point with this Resource

How can I communicate with others using their sensory preferences? How should I appeal to people's sensory preferences when communicating with them? What should I do to communicate with others for maximum impact?

Research has shown that people have a preference when communicating with others to use different sensory preferences. We all have these sensory preferences. What matters is that we communicate with others given THEIR sensory preferences and not OURS.

So, we need to not only identify our own sensory preferences but those of others. These sensory preferences fall into the following five categories: Sight, Hearing, Touch, Taste and Smell. To be able to analyse your own and others‰۪ sensory preferences we have provided a simple questionnaire in this resource. Using it you will be able to understand each preference using full explanatory notes. Using this understanding you will be able to use two reflective exercises to plan how to use the insights you have gained to communicate with others in line with their sensory preferences thus making you a much more powerful communicator. You will also be able to use a Personal Development Planning Template to grow your skills in this area.


  • Being able to communicate with others using language they prefer.
  • Getting better results from your communications with others.
  • Influencing others more easily and effectively.
  • Improving your performance as a manager.åÊ
  • Building more empathetic relationships with others.