Leading Business CPD


This course is worth 10 CPD points/hours value. 

How should I lead a business effectively?  How can I improve my business leadership skills? What are the skills required for successful business leadership?
Whether you own your own business, or you are a manager in someone else's  business,  being able to both manage and lead the business will be crucial to your success as a manager. This course deals with the leadership element. It answers the above questions and others relating to business leadership. 
The course will enable you to :
  • Lead in different organisation types and sizes. 
  • Lead in different organisational structures.
  • Lead in different organisation cultures.
  • Lead with influence up, down and across the business.
  • Use transformational leadership skills to implement major change.
  • Lead organisations for competitive advantage. 
You will be able to complete the course in bite sized pieces of learning anywhere and anytime so that you can cover the content in a flexible, time efficient way. You will also be able to download a workbook containing detailed content and which you can use to undertake exercises and in which you can make personal notes. At the end of each session you will be able to assess the level of knowledge you have gained in the session.  
We recommend  that you complete Leading Self and Leading Teams before you complete this course. 


  • Leading in your business at different management levels effectively.
  • Exercising leadership in line with your corporate culture.
  • Leading with influence in both conventional and complex structures.
  • Leading to outperform your competitors.
  • Developing your leadership skills to take on higher leadership roles in your organisation.