Leading Self CPD


This course is worth 10 CPD points/hours value. 

How can I get a vision for my life? How can I plan for success in my life?  What should I do to lead a satisfying life? 
For those wanting to lead others it is vitally important that they can lead themselves. In order to provide a vision for others they need a vision for themselves. In order to plan and execute a future for others they need to be able to do this for themselves. In order to motivate others they need to be able to motivate themselves. 
This course, will enable you to answer the above questions and rise to the above challenges. It consists of the following sessions:
  • Who are you?
  • Creating a vision for your life.
  • Achieving your vision.
  • Acquiring and developing your self leadership skills.
You will be able to complete the sessions in small bite sized pieces of learning which will enable you to go through the content with flexibility and in a time efficient way. You will be able to download a workbook containing the content of all the sessions which you can use to complete exercises and in which you can make additional personalised notes. At the end of each session you will be able to reflect on the content and measure your level of understanding.  
We recommend that you complete this course before completing the courses on Leading Teams and Leading a Business. 


  • Obtaining a vision for your life.
  • Planning how to achieve this vision.
  • Acquiring and developing self leadership skills to ensure successful achievement of your vision.
  • Increasing your self motivation and therefore personal happiness.
  • Preparing yourself to lead others.