Leading Teams CPD


Complete this course and earn 10 CPD Points 

How can I lead a team effectively?  What are effective team leadership skills? 
How can I improve my team leadership skills? 
These are crucial questions for any potential or existing team leaders. They may be questions that you are asking yourself right now. This course will provide you with the answers to these questions and many others relating to effective team leadership.
You will be able to understand in depth how to carry out all the major responsibilities of a team leader. Those include:
  • Your team leader role.
  • The need to achieve results, to manage the team as a whole and individuals in it , and the need to communicate upwards effectively with your manager.
  • How to use your team members ' strengths and talents to achieve greater individual and team performance.
  • How to improve the motivation of team members and the team as a whole.
  • How to build a high performance team which exceeds targets.
  • How to use different leadership styles effectively
We recommend that you complete the course on Leading Self before doing this course. 
To assist you in retaining the content you will be able to download a workbook which contains all the course content and  you which you can use to complete exercises and in which you can make personal notes. At the end of each session in the course you will be able to assess the level of knowledge you have gained in the session. 


  • Understanding all the key elements of your leadership role.
  • Using skills to manage and motivate team members effectively.
  • Being able to use different leadership styles effectively.
  • Building a high performance team.
  • Developing yourself for a future management role.