Managing People Performance CPD


Complete this course and earn 12 CPD Points. 

How should I manage people's performance effectively?  What can I do to improve my management of individual members of staff ?  How can I improve employee performance?
If you are seriously wanting to be a successful manager then you will certainly want answers to these crucially important questions. The best managers are those who are able to get high performances WILLINGLY GIVEN by their team members. This course will show you how they do it.
The course is a video course delivered by Jeremy in a highly engaging way.  It consists of 12 sessions of 1 hour maximum per session. You  can complete each session in bite sized pieces of learning of between 8 to 15 minutes. This will enable you to complete the content in a very flexible and time efficient way. The  course comes with a fully comprehensive workbook which you can  use to complete exercises and to add additional personalised notes.
Completion of the course will enable you  manage and develop all the key elements of a person's performance and self motivation including:
  • The key to obtaining employee high performance.
  • Balancing your performance need as a manager with the employee's need for high job satisfaction.
  • How to address both needs to get a high performance willingly given.
  • How to manage different levels of employee performance and satisfaction.
  • Using a performance management process to measure and manage a person's performance.
  • Assessing performance and giving feedback.
  • Identifying and solving performance problems.
  • Using a satisfaction management process to increase an employee's motivation.
  • Running tutoring sessions to impart knowledge and skills to an employee.
  • Running coaching sessions to improve an employee's performance.
  • Running coaching sessions to develop and grow employees. 


  • Improving employee performance.
  • Improving employee job satisfaction and self  motivation.
  • Improving staff retention.
  • Improving team results. 
  • Improving your promotion prospects