Achieving Your Personal Goals


Earn 1 CPD Point with this Resource

How should I set goals for myself? What should I do to achieve my personal goals? What is a process for achieving personal goals?

An important part of any manager’s job is to deliver results through a team of people. In other words a manager first and foremost needs to deliver organisational objectives. But to grow achievements in this area the wise manager will also attend to the achievement of personal goals. Doing this s/he will be more likely to contribute more to the organisation and hence their career advancement. Little wonder that managers often ask the above questions. This resource uses the first letters of the word DEVELOP as a way of covering the key essentials of achieving personal goals.

D = DESCRIBE your current situation

E = EVALUATE your strengths and weaknesses

V = VISUALISE your desired future

E = EMBRACE new areas of knowledge/skills to be learnt

L = LEARN with your preferred learning style

O = OBTAIN the most powerful resources

P = PLAN the use of these resources

You will be able to use extensive explanatory notes containing ideas to deliver on each step.

You will also be able to complete a Personal Develop Plan to improve your skills in achieving personal objectives.


  • Setting out a clear plan to achieve your personal growth objectives
  • Growing yourself to grow your career
  • Increasing your effectiveness as a manager
  • Growing your capabilities in line with the growth of your organisation’s capabilities
  • Being more disciplined in achieving personal growth
  • Increasing your confidence and capabilities to take on larger jobs