Resolving Conflicts Effectively


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What are the best ways to resolve conflicts? How should I manage conflicts with people? How can I improve my conflict management skills? Might these be your questions also? Many people shy away from conflicts because they view them as having as negative connotation. In point of fact conflicts can be a very powerful way of growing relationships and getting better results from working with others.

This resource will enable you to use the best conflict resolution style in a given situation with different types of people. You will be able to use a simple questionnaire to identify your preferred conflict resolution style from four style types;

  1. Collaborators.
  2. Competers
  3. Compromisers
  4. Compliants

You will be able to identify not only your preferred style but the styles which others use. We shall then give you detailed guidelines on how to modify your style to successfully manage other people‰۪s styles to get to a result which you require. We also provide you with a wide range of activities which will enable you to develop your skills in this area. In future you will welcome conflicts rather than shy away from them!


  • Gaining greater confidence in handling conflicts.
  • Getting better results when resolving conflicts.
  • Increasing respect from others in conflict situations.
  • Using conflict to build better relationships with others.
  • Negotiating more effectively.