Increasing Your Emotional Intelligence


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What is Emotional Intelligence? How can I improve my Emotional Intelligence? What insights and skills do I need to be Emotionally Intelligent? As people progress in their personal development their Emotional Intelligence ( EI ) becomes increasingly important. Some would say more important than their IQ. So to get answers to these questions could be invaluable to you in your future personal development.

Using this extensive resource you will be able to apply EI to Team Working, Leading People, Managing People and Team Building. You will discover your basic approach to EI when it comes to your awareness of the impact of your emotions on yourself, the impact of your emotions on others and the impact that others have on your emotions.

We shall provide you powerful insights into your approach and you will find out the extent to which you are Resistant to EI, are Open to it, are Rational or Intuitive in using it and the extent to which you Struggle with it. We provide comprehensive guidelines on how to use EI more effectively and how to develop your EI. Using this resource you can immediately improve your use of EI.


  • Being more insightful in your dealings with others to influence more effectively.
  • Managing your own emotions to respond effectively to people and situations rather than react badly to them.
  • Growing your ability to be intuitive alongside your ability to be rational.
  • Increasing your awareness of what is really going on in your interactions with others.
  • Knowing what you need to do to develop your EI further.