Creating a Personal Development Plan


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What is a Personal Development Plan? What should I include in a Personal Development Plan? How can I improve my Personal Development Planning? The words Personal Development Plan can mean different things to different people. For some it relates to all of their activities both in and out of work. For others it relates to their qualifications development in their chosen profession. For others it relates to their broader personal development at work as part of their career aspirations.

This resource falls into the last category. It focuses on personal development within the context of your organisation's development. It marries the two together. The planning process you will get creates a win for you and a win for your organisation. The rationale is that you can both grow together for your mutual benefit. You will be able to create a powerful, job related and organisation aligned Personal Development Plan. In creating the plan we shall show you how to take into account the Competency Framework surrounding your job, the Organisation's Values and Culture, and the Organisation's Corporate Focus on growing its capabilities. We shall take you through a simple but extremely effective Personal Development planning process incorporating a wide range of Personal Development Activities you can use in your plan.

If you want to grow and develop within your organisation then this type of plan is ideal for you.


  • Simplifying your Personal Development Planning.
  • Using your plan in your current job and to get future jobs.
  • Gaining the backing of your organisation to your personal development.
  • Growing yourself in line with your organisation‰۪s growth.
  • Making Personal Development Planning an invaluable contribution to your career success