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Relationship Building Skills


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What are the steps for building relationships? How can I build better relationships with others? What skills are required in relationship building? Successful managers are those who can build positive relationships with others up, across and down through their organisation. Many fail to do this because they do not know the steps involved and they do not know the skills and actions to use at each step. Hence their desire to get asnswers to the above questions.

This resource breaks down effective relationship building into five steps. These are:

  1. Building Rapport,
  2. Building Trust,
  3. Using open two way communication,
  4. Responding to other’s needs,
  5. Working in partnership for mutual satisfaction.

You will be able to use detailed guidelines to take each step using the necessary skills and actions required for success. To enable you to grow further in this vitally important area of skill you will be able to complete a personal development plan including a wide variety of development activities.


  • Building positive relationships with others
  • Achieving a partnership way of working with key people
  • Identifying blockages to developing positive relationships with others
  • Increasing your influencing power
  • Obtaining the buy-in and commitment of others to your future objectives and plans