Time Management


Earn 2 CPD Points with this Resource

Do you need this resource? How can I be more effective at time management? What are effective time management techniques? How can I use time management to be more productive? If like many others you regularly ask these questions of yourself then this resource will help you enormously. What is in this resource? Time management is ultimately about choices. These choices can be broken down into four area. How much of my time should I spend on activities which are;

  1. Very important/very urgent.
  2. Very important/not urgent.
  3. Not important/urgent
  4. Not important/not urgent.

We show you how to calculate how you currently spend your time in these four areas and explain the consequences for you of doing this. We explain each area in detail so that you can make changes to be more productive. You will then be able to create a time management improvement plan. You will also be able to use 101 time management tips we provide for you to improve your skills in delivering on your Objectives, Planning more effectively, Operating more productively, Delegating more of your workload, running and attending Meetings more efficiently, controlling Telephone calls better, being more Self-Disciplined, handling Paperwork and Emails more efficiently , Reading more quickly, and using Travelling time more productively.

Using a Personal Development Plan Template and our recommended development activities you will be able to create a longer term plan for continuously improving your time management. You will immediately be able to get more out of the hours available to you on a daily basis and use the powerful techniques employed by those manage their time to achieve extraordinary success.


  • Getting far more out of your working day.
  • Reducing negative stress
  • Delivering results far more quickly and easily.
  • Using all the resources available to you to more productive.
  • Improving your work/life balance.