Effective Negotiation Skills


Earn 2 CPD Points with this Resource

What is an effective negotiation? How can I improve my negotiation skills? What should I do to negotiate effectively? They say that an effective negotiation is one which results in a win/win for both parties. That indeed should be the intent. But what if you do not know the negotiation process and how to be skilled in using it. The chance is that if the other party does then you might end up with a lose/win situation with you being the loser. Not good! So you really need to be well prepared to be an effective negotiator.

This resource will enable you to become just that. You will be able to follow a process to plan for a negotiation and to use during a negotiation. You will be able to define Your Most Favoured Position ( MFP ) and Your Limit ( LT ) and to discover this for the other party. You will be able to use techniques for moving the other party by requesting and making concessions. You will be able to close a negotiation with the right deal within your MFP and LT. You will also know how to handle telephone negotiations and quick deals.

This is a complete starter package for those new to negotiations and a great reminder resource for those who simply want to improve their negotiation skills. To maintain your continuous improvement in this area you will also be able to create an ongoing Personal Development Plan.


  • Immediately improving negotiation results.
  • Experiencing more win/win outcomes.
  • Becoming a tougher negotiator.
  • Earning greater respect from those with whom you negotiate.
  • Building better relationships with those whom you have to negotiate regularly.