Managing Underperforming Sales People


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How should I manage under-performing sales people? Why don't sales people achieve their targets? What should I do about poor performing sales people? Sales people can be poor performers for a number of reasons. Among them are insufficient training, unclear objectives, lack of resources, lack of confidence and lack of belief in the validity of their sales role.

Whatever the reason sales managers need to tackle under-performing sales people otherwise they risk lowering morale of the other team members. They also risk a loss of their personal credibility. To tackle under-performing you will need a process. This resource supplies this process as well as the skills to use in the process. You will be able to use a counselling process which includes:

  • Ways to Monitor Performance.
  • Providing regular Feedback.
  • Describing Performance Problems.
  • Identifying Root Causes of Problems.
  • Addressing Performance Gaps.
  • Agreeing Improvement Plans.

You will identify the skills to use at each stage in the process. You will also be able to create a Personal Development Plan to grow your knowledge and skills in this area.


  • Having sales people achieve their targets.
  • Improving the morale of the sales team.
  • Increasing the current level of sales.
  • Gaining the respect of sales team members.
  • Improving your credibility in the eyes of your manager.