Motivating Sales People


Earn 1 CPD Point with this Resource

What is the best way to motivate sales people? How can I improve the motivation of my sales people? What motivates sales people? You would think that the answer to these questions is simple. It has to be money! Whilst that may be true there are however different rewards that different types of sales people seek in addition. This depends on the type of person they are and what provides them with self-motivation.

So, if you are struggling to identify what makes different people in your sales team tick then this resource will provide the answers. Using a diagnostic you will be able to identify nine different types of motivation a sales person might have. They are:

  1. Results Orientation.
  2. Use of Innovation/Creativity.
  3. Networking Opportunities.
  4. Time to use Strategic Thinking/Planning Skills.
  5. Being part of a Team.
  6. Growing Client Focus/Understanding.
  7. Opportunities to use Personal Impact.
  8. Influence and a responsibility for Information Gathering.

You will have extensive and comprehensive notes to guide you on how best to use their area of self-motivation to make them and your whole sales team more effective. You will be able to use ideas to grow and maintain each individual‰۪s self -motivation and you will be able to create a Personal Development Plan to build your skills in this area.


  • Increasing sales from individual sales people.
  • Increasing sales of your sales team.
  • Increasing the job satisfaction of your sales people.
  • Building loyalty to your organisation from your sales people.
  • Building a more powerful sales team.
  • Improving the growth of your business