Selling to Different Customer Types


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How should I segment different types of customer? How can I sell effectively to different types of customer? How many different types of customer are there? Clearly not all customers are the same. They differ in market sector, by size, by culture and in the way they view suppliers. The way in which they view suppliers largely determines how a supplier should sell to them. So a really good way of segmenting customers is by their buying style.

This resource is designed to help you to do this. Using it you will be able to identify five different buying styles used by organisations. Using a questionnaire you will be able to categorise your customers into these different buying styles. They are;

  • Shop Around.
  • Cherry Picker.
  • Seeks Partnership.
  • Seeks Preferred Supplier.
  • Seeks Integrated Supplier.

You will be able to use an approach to selling which matches each customer type. You will also be able to use the right sales resources in each approach to increase sales and account profitability. Finally you will be able to create a plan to develop your skills in this vitally important area.


  • Aligning your sales resources effectively to different customer types.
  • Increasing customer account profitability.
  • Increasing your organisation's profitability.
  • Segmenting customers on the type of relationship they want from you as a supplier.
  • Motivating your sales people with more sales success.