Territory Planning & Personal Productivity


Earn 2 CPD Points with this Resource

What is involved in territory planning? How can I improve territory planning? How can I be more productive in managing a sales territory?

For those in selling who manage sales territories these are critical questions because they relate so closely to sales results. Running a sales territory is clearly not about having regular visits to customers to have a cup of tea and a chat. It is not about spending the same amount of time on all customers. And it is not about travelling from one end of a territory to the other in an unplanned way thus wasting a lot of time and being unproductive in the process. What it IS about is the following: Carefully Mapping the Territory, Defining Key Performance Indicators ( KPIs ) for the Management of the Territory, Creating Territory Management Objectives and translating these into prioritised and Planned Activities, and then delivering these Activities. And of course being responsive to customer needs and problems at the same time! This is quite a job.

This resource is designed to help Territory Managers to rise to the challenge. Using it you will be able to undertake all the above tasks employing processes and skills that will make you more productive. You will also be able to use a Personal Development Plan to grow your skills in this area.


  • Increasing sales results from effective territory planning.
  • Improving personal productivity as a territory manager.
  • Prioritising your activities more effectively.
  • Increasing time in front of more important customers.
  • Responding to customers’ needs and problems in a more controlled way.