The Consultative Selling Process


Earn 1 CPD Point with this Resource

What is consultative selling? How can I use a consultative selling process? What skills are needed for consultative selling? Many sales people fail because they SELL AT people rather than CONSULT WITH people. By selling at people they increase people’s resistance to buy.

By consulting with people the sales person helps the person to create a solution which they own and therefore buy. So consultative selling is a very powerful approach to use to boost sales. If you are seeking answers to the above questions then this resource will provide those answers.

You will learn the five steps of Consultative Selling which are:

  1. Get The Full Picture surrounding the customer
  2. Identify with the customer’s help the key issues the customer needs to address
  3. Explore Different Options/Solutions with the customer’s input
  4. Co-design the best Solution
  5. Demonstrate how you and your organisation can meet the criteria required  to deliver the solution.

You will cover each step in detail and will learn the skills to use in each step. You will also be able to create a Personal Development Plan to continue to grow your capabilities in this area.


  • Substantial increase in sales. 
  • Increasing profitable sales.
  • Improving relationships with customers.
  • Differentiating yourself as a brand.
  • Building customer loyalty