Leadership Qualities Assessment


Earn 1 CPD Point with this Resource

This survey consists of a comprehensive questionnaire which you can use to identify your level of capability in the use of ten 'best in class' leadership qualities/skills. These include Passion and Perseverance, Astuteness, Influence and Risk Management. You will be able to use detailed explanations of these key leadership qualities/skills to identify what the best leaders do which bring them success.

You will be able also to follow extensive guidelines to grow and develop as a leader yourself to become a great leader.Using a very practical template you will be able to create a powerful personal development plan to go from being good as a leader to being great as a leader.


  • Using the powerful feedback you will receive to take on and demonstrate the qualities/skills of a great leader.
  • Increased self-motivation to take on your leadership responsibility.åÊ
  • Building your credibility, standing and trustworthiness as a leader.åÊ
  • Being able to use skills of communication and motivation to influence others to give you their best.