Writing a vision statement


Earn 1 CPD Point with this Resource

Complete a questionnaire to ascertain how good you are at creating and communicating a vision including choosing the right time, making it engaging, motivating and challenging, and using it to gain the buy-in and commitment of key stakeholders. This resource also includes a definition of a vision, the seven critical steps to creating a vision, a template to fill in to write a vision and the key elements involved in effectively communicating a vision.

You will be able to construct a personal development plan to improve your skills in creating and communicating a vision built around a checklist of everything to include. We also provide you with a comprehensive list of development activities to include in your plan. This document is a must for all 'would be' leaders.


  • Communication of a powerful, engaging vision which inspires and gains the willing followers of key stakeholders.
  • Positive motivation of your followers to give you their best.
  • High level of trustworthiness and positivity from others towards you as a leader in fulfilling your leadership responsibility.
  • Invaluable feedback on your skill levels in the five key areas of effectively creating and communicating a vision.
  • Use of a highly practical and comprehensive personal development plan to assist your future growth in this vitally important capability as a leader.