How to Identify Employees' Talents and Strengths


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How do I play my team members to their strengths? How can I discover the strengths of my individual team members? What should I do to build my team's strengths? It has often been said that people get better at what they already do well. In other words to get higher performances from people simply identify and build on their strengths. A manager can do this by observation and performance reviews but a more powerful way is to use a questionnaire.

This resource provides you with a short questionnaire to use with employees to identify their strengths. You will be able to use this questionnaire to identify an individual's strengths across the following areas: Decision-Making, Problem-Solving, Communication Skills, Personal Effectiveness, Change Management, Performance Management, Team Management, Leadership and Motivation. You can then use the results of the questionnaire to look for ways for individual's to use more of their strengths in their job and to grow these natural talents. By doing this you will achieve a significant rise in the level of the person's motivation as well as the results they achieve. You will also be able to complete A personal Development Plan to grow your skills further in this area.

  • Immediately improving performance levels of your team members.
  • Significantly increasing the self-motivation of your staff.
  • Building a high performing, highly motivated team.
  • Leading with the willing commitment of your team members.
  • Enhancing your reputation and standing within your organisation.