Leadership Competencies


Earn 1 CPD Point with this Resource

Use this powerful 360 Leadership Assessment Tool to identify your levels of ability in 12 leadership competences using your perceptions and those of your manager, peers, and direct reports.

The competences fall into 3 key areas: Achievement. Leadership and Business Intelligence.

You will be able to quickly and easily identify agreed strengths, agreed weaknesses, and different perceptions between yourself and others.You will be able to use the assessment to have a valuable personal development meeting with your manager and then to create a powerful personal development plan to build on your strengths and address your weaknesses. We also provide extensive tips on how to use different development activities.


  • Gaining valuable feedback to remove personal blindspots you might have in the area of your leadership competences.
  • Increasing your self-motivation to grow into a great leader.
  • Understanding the full extent of your leadership responsibility.åÊ
  • Using open communication to build a relationship of trustworthiness upwards, downwards and across your business/organisation.