Leadership Style Survey


Earn 1 CPD Point with this Resource

This resource is built around a Leadership Style Survey which you complete to identify your preferences when it comes to using five different leadership styles.These are:

  1. Directing
  2. Consulting
  3. Democratic
  4. Freedom with Control
  5. Coaching

You will discover when it is best to use each style to optimise results given the situation and different people involved in it. You will be able to use specific guidelines on how to use each style and how to make changes to current preferred style to be a great leader.


  • Gaining feedback on your leadership style to improve the motivation of your team.
  • Identifying situations when you should or should not use delegation.
  • Improving the use of your communication skills with team members.
  • Building trustworthiness and positivity as part of your responsibility to build a team which works in harmony with other teams.