Satisfying People's Unique Motivators


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How do I discover what motivates people? How can I motivate people better? What should I do to motivate people better? These are typical questions a manager might be asking in their endeavour to get their people to achieve or even exceed the results required of them.

The problem the manager faces is that their team members do not always know what motivates them and therefore getting answers to the above questions can be extremely difficult. Employees are most motivated to achieve results when they are in FLOW. Flow is that state when their level of competence matches their level of challenge and they easily succeed and at the same time are extremely self-motivated. This resource will enable you to identify the FLOW STATES of your team members i.e. when each one is in flow. You will be able to use a short/structured interview with an employee to find out the contributors to their Flow State.

To complete the interview the employee will need to think of a time when they were last in flow. Using this example you will be able to follow a list of questions to unbundle what caused them to be in flow. The questions include: The Working Environment, The Competencies/Skills required by the Task and Motivational Aspects of the Task. As the interviewer you write down answers to these structured questions and then at the end highlight repetitive themes e.g. short, multiple tasks, seen through to completion, involving problem solving and customer interaction. You then agree these contributors to the person‰۪s flow state and work with them to build more experience of these into their job. You will be able to use a template to carry out these interviews and a Personal Development Plan to grow your skills in this area.


  • Having your team members work in flow to achieve exceptional results.
  • Significantly improving team members‰۪ motivation.
  • Increasing team members‰۪ level of job satisfaction.
  • Helping people to do more of what they do well.
  • Being a much more effective team leader.