Building High Performance Teams


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How can I build a high performing team? What is a high performing team? How can I improve the performance of my team?

At some time or another most managers will seek answers to these questions. Under constant pressure to deliver a higher quantity and quality of results through their teams this is only natural. Building a high performing team is a multi-dimensional exercise which requires real skill. This resource will give you this skill.

You will be able to build a high performing team using a number of contributors:

  • Creating a clear Vision
  • Agreeing Team Objectives
  • Communicating the Strategy
  • Acquiring the right Resources
  • Structuring the Team effectively
  • Using Systems and Processes to control the team’s activities
  • Equipping team members with the right Knowledge and Skills
  • Managing and Leading the team in the right way
  • Using agreed Culture and Values to bind the team together.

You will be able to use a 180 Assessment to identify team strengths and weaknesses and using explanatory notes you will be able to use the information to build the team into one that is truly high performing. You will also be able to complete a Personal Development Plan to continue to build your skills in this area.


  • Acquiring the knowledge and skills to build truly high performing teams.
  • Exceeding team objectives.
  • Increasing team morale and motivation.
  • Creating a team which evidences best practices in teamwork. 
  • Building your leadership and management skills to take on bigger jobs.