Coaching For Performance Improvement


Earn 1 CPD Point with this Resource

How do I tackle a poor performing employee? How should I deal with under-performing employees? What are the reasons for poor employee performance? Every manager at some time has to address the issue of a poor performing employee. The problem is that managers often lack the capabilities and confidence to do this well and so instead they avoid tackling these under-performance issues. As a result they lose their personal credibility as a team leader and worse still allow the team's morale to drop as a consequence of their inaction.

As a manager you must be able to tackle employee performance problems effectively. This resource will enable you to do just that. You will get answers to three questions above and be able to use comprehensive guidelines for tackling each type of poor performance problem. These are:

  • Inability or Unwillingness to achieve performance measures
  • Poor Attitude
  • Resistance to Change
  • Lack of Self-Sufficiency
  • Personal Problems
  • Dissatisfaction with RewardsåÊ
  • Frustration with Lack of Career Prospects.

We look at each in detail. You will be able to use a questionnaire to diagnose accurately the type of problem an individual employee has. We will then give you a comprehensive process to tackle each type of problem and the skills to use at each stage in the process.We will also provide you with guidelines on how to develop your kills in this vitally important area.No longer need you shy away from employee performance problems!


  • Seeing past the symptoms of performance problems to their root cause.
  • Tackling under-performing employees with confidence and competence.
  • Growing your credibility and respect from team members and your manager.
  • Raising team morale and its results.
  • Preventing the loss of your good people because they will not tolerate inaction when it comes to you tackling poor performers.