Identifying People's Potential


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How can I identify a person's potential? How can I optimise my staff's potential? How can I best manage employees with different types of potential? This resource answers all these questions.

By completing a questionnaire you will be able to identify nine categories of employee potential.These are:

  1. The High Flyer
  2. Those with High Performance Potential
  3. Those with Growth Potential
  4. Those who need to be regarded as an Expert or Specialist
  5. Those who are Comfortable and Under-stretched
  6. Those who are a Misfit to their Job
  7. Those who are Time Servers
  8. Those who are Under-utilised
  9. Those who are Demotivated or in the Wrong Job.

We provide a detailed explanation of each and extensive guidelines on how to manage each category of person.Potential is usually hard to identify. We make it easy!


  • Improving individual and team results.
  • Developing and managing people to optimise their contribution to your team.
  • Increasing a person's motivation to [perform at a higher level.
  • Aligning the development of individuals with the development of the business.
  • Tackling under-performing team members effectively.