Identifying the best roles for people in teams


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What are different team member types? How can I play team members to their strengths? What should I do to build a balanced team?

Successful teams are made up of individuals who all have different contributions to make to the team. Thus together they make up a balanced and effective team. To be able to create such a team a manager needs to be able to identify different team member types and blend them together.

This resource will help you as a manager to do this. You will be able to use a diagnostic to identify eight different types of team member. They are:

  1. Team-worker
  2. Driver
  3. Co-ordinator
  4. Strategist
  5. Information Seeker
  6. Creator/Innovator
  7. Influencer
  8. Networker

Using detailed explanatory notes you will be able to categorise your team members into these different types to use their talents and strengths for the benefit of the team. You will also be able to identify any gaps which you could fill in the future. To plan how to use people in your team more productively you will be able to complete an action plan. To develop your skills further in this area you will also be able to complete a Personal Development Plan.


  • Increasing team members’ motivation by allowing them to use their natural talents and strengths more. 
  • Improving your team members’ level of performance. 
  • Improving your team’s results. 
  • Making your team leadership role easier. 
  • Increasing your visibility in the organisation as a high performing manager.