Managing Difficult Employees


Earn 1 CPD Point with this Resource

How should I manage different employee types? How should I manage a difficult employee? How should I tackle a disruptive staff member? If you are looking for answers to these questions then this resource is for you!

The content provides a detailed description of eight different employee types who can be difficult to manage. We call them;

  1. The Aggressive.
  2. The Apparently Concerned.
  3. The Appeaser.
  4. The Aggravator.
  5. The Agenda Owner.
  6. The Aggrieved.
  7. The Arrogant.
  8. The Attention Seeker.

You will discover each one's basic stance, the behaviours they exhibit, what you need to avoid doing as a manager when handling each one, the basic stance you need to adopt,and the behaviours/skills you need to use in managing each one effectively. By completing a questionnaire you will be able to identify the type of employees you have. Finally you will be able to complete a development plan to develop your skills in handling difficult employees together with ideas on development activities you can use.Never again need you struggle to manage difficult employees.


  • Being confident in handling difficult people in your team.
  • Being competent in the use of behaviours and skills needed to manage different employee types.
  • Reducing time spent on handling challenging employee attitudes.
  • Improving the results of your team.
  • Developing further your skills in this vitally important area of people management.