Successfully Managing Change


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How should I manage change? What processes/skills are needed to manage change? How can I improve my change management skills?

The ability to manage change effectively is key to every manager’s success these days. More often than not change is not managed well in organisations. Why? Because it requires managers to hold the same beliefs about change, and its management, and it requires a thorough knowledge of change management and application of that knowledge. It also requires an understanding of the change management process and the skills to use in deploying it. This resource is designed to help you answer the above questions. You will be able to complete an extensive Self-Assessment to create a profile of yourself as a change manager. You will then be able to use detailed explanatory notes on how to make necessary improvements in your profile. You will also be able to keep developing your skills in this area through the use of a Personal Development Plan.


  • Understanding the four key elements of effective change management.
  • Being able to apply knowledge of successful change management to change initiatives.
  • Using the change management process effectively.
  • Using change management skills with confidence.
  • Enhancing your reputation as an effective change leader/manager.