The downloadable, reproducible, and customisable resources and materials from this site have been created by best in class designers and published by Jeremy Francis Human Resource Development Consultant with over thirty years of experience in providing consultancy and customised training programmes to blue chip organisations, many of them global and most of them household names.

All the products on this site have been rated excellent by these leading edge organisations who have in common the adoption of best practices in human resource development.

Jeremy Francis

CEO, Constantior

Jeremy has worked at all levels in these organisations partnering them in creating bespoke solutions to their needs using a blend of customised training resources including e-learning, virtual classrooms, online personal growth and development resources, online education programmes, and consultancy.

Specialising in the areas of leadership and management skills, change management skills, performance management, talent development skills, personal effectiveness, and sales and account management skills he has created a vast library of resources which can be found on this site.

All the products available on this site come from his and others' experiences as a Global Human Resource Development Consultants.

Jeremy's other credentials are his inclusion as a key-note speaker in human resource development conventions in the UK, Moscow and Dubai.

His ebooks include:

- Influencing for Goal Achievement

- Help Yourself to Future Success

 as well as others on:

  • Talent Development Best Practices
  • Release Your Team's Talents
  • Partner Up With Internal Departments
  • Partner Up With Your Employees
  • Partner Up With Your Customers
  • Partner Up With Your Suppliers

and a host of published papers on Human Resource Development Topics.

His 41 videos on YouTube have had 700,000 views to date.

How to Use Constantior Products

These resources are designed for you to download once and then to reproduce and use them as you wish.

You can:

  • Include the products in your company training courses
  • Create new soft skills training courses
  • Adapt them for use in your online education programmes and personal growth and development resources
  • Give them to managers and employees to use as powerful professional development and self-development tools
  • Incorporate them as tools to use in people's personal development plans
  • Use them as mentoring and coaching aids
They are available for you to use how you wish and you pay just once.

 Once again, welcome to the Constantior online Resource Centre and gain access to a vast range of downloadable, customisable and re-usable products each for a one-off purchase price.

Jeremy Francis
CEO Constantior