Achieving a Work Life Balance

Achieving a work life balance (Questionnaire, Guidelines and Plan)


One of the ways to maximise your personal effectiveness is to strike the right balance between your home and working life. People generally fall into five categories of orientation:

  • Put work first/personal life second
  • Put personal life first/work life second
  • Put equal emphasis on work and personal life
  • Are a workaholic
  • Are work adverse

A questionnaire enables you to identify which category you are in and the interpretive notes and planning documents included enable you to make changes to achieve a better work life balance. It also enables you to prioritise the changes you need to make.


This resource provides extremely powerful insights for those who are serious about achieving a work life balance.

Using three separate diagnostics people are able to confront themselves with their current focus in terms of work and personal life, analyse their use of time in both areas and prioritise activities to be more personally productive and to live a healthier life.

This is truly a life changing document.

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