Achieving Your Personal Goals

Achieving Your Personal Goals (diagnostic and notes)


A simple resource to help you identify your personal goals. Modelled as a response to a personal letter from an old friend, this resource gives key bullet points to formulate and express your ambitions and dreams. Identifying your current situation, being clear on your personal goals for the future and taking steps to address your personal growth needs is vitally important if you are to achieve your vision for your life.

This resources uses the DEVELOP model and provides a templated process to address personal growth and development needs.

D - Describe the current situation
E - Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses
V - Vision for the future
E - Embrace areas of new knowledge/skills
L - Learning style
O - Opportunities for personal growth
P - Plan to deliver development activities


A simple but effective approach to identifying personal goals is the focus of this document. Using it anyone can get to grips with their longer term ambitions for their life and their ultimate success measures. By identifying these key contributors to their success they can formulate plans to satisfy their aspirations. Useful for anyone wanting to get control of their future and live a fully satisfying life.

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