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Building High Performance Teams

Building High Performance Teams (A Diagnostic and Process For Building High Performing Teams)

The survey is based on the eight key issues relating to building high performing teams: - Gaining commitment to a Vision - Obtaining buy in to team Objectives - Communicating the Strategy - Efficiently using Resources - Structuring the team - Imparting Knowledge and skills - Using an effective leadership/management style - Reinforcing the values and culture After a brief explanation of these issues and how they inter-relate, the questionnaire addresses the issues in respect of the team. This will give managers a detailed and incisive understanding of how well their team is currently performing and will enable them to focus on areas for team improvement and development to help them build a truly high performing team.


This resource includes: - Model for building high performing teams - Outline of the eight key issues - 40 question survey based on the eight key issues - Scoring guide - Diagnosis table - Planning document

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