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Building Partnerships betweeb Customer and Suppliers

Building Partnerships between Customers and Suppliers

In a highly competitive market-place working in partnership with customers can become a strategic issue in achieving long term, sustainable, profitable growth for your organisation as a supplier. However, unless your organisation builds internal partnerships between managers and employees, and between internal departments, it will be difficult to behave in a partnership mode externally. There is, therefore, the need to address this strategic issue as well. In order for your organisation to be successful with its customers it needs to meet their needs as a supplier. Your customers also need the help of your organisation to do the best job for them. This means that both need to meet each others’ expectations to achieve mutual success. This “partnership” way of working will only be successful however if your organisation’s Internal Departments work in partnership to meet each others’ expectations and if Managers and their Direct Reports do likewise. The message is clear – to achieve external success in its market-place the organisation must achieve internal success in its “partnership” working. In this document we look specifically at the processes involved in building a partnership way of working between Customers and their Suppliers. It includes questionnaires, explanatory notes and action planning templates.


The document consists of a questionnaire to be completed by a Customer and one of their Suppliers which analyses the degree to which they work in partnership for the benefit of both in nine areas: - Product - Service - Commercials - People - Communications - Approach - Added Value - Purpose - Plans Each gives feedback to the other and then uses the results to plan how to address specific issues in order to work together more effectively with a partnership, win/win mindset.

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