Call Planning & Preparation including Closing Skills

Call Planning And Preparation including Closing Skills (Plans, Templates, Checklists and Qnaires)

This resource provides template documents for planning and preparing sales calls. Also included are: - Checklist of types of proposal that could be suitable to present to a customer - Checklist of possible objections - Tips on sales aids This resource also provides hints and tips on three particular aspects of closing, including: - When to close - Examples of closing techniques - Negotiation closing techniques


This document provides a comprehensive set of planning tools and templates to prepare for and carry out successful sales calls. All the essentials of customer research, planning sales call objectives, structuring the sales call and closing techniques to obtain customer commitments are all included. Included is a detailed list of key questions sales people need to use to accurately qualify the customer needs and sell products and solutions to these needs. Also included are tips on closing negotiation with customers. If you are looking for a readymade, simple to use sales planning methodology then this document is for you.

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