Coaching For Performance Improvement

Coaching For Performance Improvement (Needs Analysis)

Managers, Team Leaders and Supervisors can face a number of challenges with their team members. These challenges fall into seven broad categories: 1. Achieving improvement in results. 2. Handling poor attitudes. 3. Achieving change. 4. Growing confidence and self-sufficiency in people. 5. Handling career development discussions. 6. Responding to queries or complaints relating to pay and conditions. 7. Resolving the employee’s personal problems which are negatively impacting their performance. In each area of challenge the Manager, Team Leader or Supervisor needs to be able to analyse the issues concerned and meet with the individual to achieve an agreed outcome. This document contains a Performance Improvement Needs Analysis, a description of each Performance Improvement Need and processes to tackle each area of need.


This document contains a comprehensive Performance Improvement Needs Analysis which enables you to identify and prioritise the performance improvement needs of your team members. It also includes detailed Guidelines on how to: - Achieve Performance Improvement - Achieve Attitude Change - Get people to deliver change - Grow self-sufficiency in people - Address Career Development issues - Address rewards issues - Tackle people’s personal problems Using the content you will be able to substantially improve your skills in the area of improving people’s performance.

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