Communicating Effectively Over the Telephone

Communicating effectively over the telephone (models and processes)

This resource covers the following areas: - A series of practical tips and using a protocol for making the best use of telephone calls - Telephone voice: e.g. use of tone, enthusiasm and vocabulary (including what words not to use!) - Effective questioning: e.g. using open questions for enquiring, closed questions to control and clarity etc - Funelling model: to question people in the most constructive way so that you can "find fact" in depth and so solve problems - Active Listening: techniques to show that you are listening and understanding


For anyone wishing to improve and develop their telephone communication skills then this is the document for them. It covers the best practices and protocols for effective telephone communication and highlights the key interpersonal skills required to effectively handle both incoming and outgoing telephone calls. A must for all those starting to use the telephone at work or those simply wishing to refine their skills.

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