Creative Thinking Skills

Creative Thinking (Questionnaire and Interpretive Notes)

There has never been a greater need for Creative Thinking Skills at all levels of an organisation than there is today. Unrelenting performance targets, resource constraint, the need to lower costs and improve processes are the norms for organisations whether in the private, public or not for profit sectors. The trust is that everyone has skills in the area of Creative Thinking. They just need to be discovered and used! And this is where this booklet comes in. Use it to discover people’s unique contribution to the Creative Thinking Process and then build the use of people’s different talents into the process to achieve staggering results. If you wait to unbundle the secrets of successful Creative Thinking then this booklet is definitely for you.


This booklet consists of a Creative Thinking Skills Questionnaire and Interpretive Notes. It looks at eight key areas of skill involved in the Creative Thinking Process: -Reframing Problems -Challenging the Status Quo -Original Thinking -Building on Ideas -Shaping Ideas -Collaboration Skills -Turning Ideas into Action -Selling Creative Solutions Using the booklet you will be able to: -Identify your strengths -Identify personal development needs -Plan how best to meet these needs A must for anyone who wants to take this critical area of skill seriously.

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