Customer Care Training, How to get it right

Customer Care Training and How to Get It Right (Article)

Superficial or ill-conceived customer care programmes born out of the wrong motive can be at least a disastrous experience, and at worst a negative marketing ploy which inoculates both customers and employees for life against the organisation. Properly researched, designed, and structured customer care programmes vested in a corporate culture and leadership which reflects and lives the values, have enormous potential to release fresh corporate energy and put an organisation beyond the reach of its competitors. This article initially examines some of the motives for customer care, and how some can lead to undesired outcomes before going on to explain the essential factors for successful customer care training.


This short paper covers the importance of getting customer care training right. Included are insights on: - Management involvement - Focus and positioning of the training - Building critical mass - Employee involvement and participation - Training content and follow up - Evaluation and review Quite simply if you want to embark on effective customer care training then this resource is for you.

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