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Delegation Skills

Delegation Skills

If you need an approach to pain free delegation then this is the document for you. It spells out all the key requirements for successful delegation, provides you with insights into your delegation skill levels, takes you through a step by step delegation process and enables you to plan improvements in your use of delegation skills. Delegation does not have to be fraught with difficulties. It really can be pain free. Read this booklet and discover how easy it really is.


This twenty three page booklet provides you with a complete guide to good delegation skills. The following areas are covered: -What is delegation? -Why delegate? -The principles of delegation -How to delegate -What aids the success of delegation? -Why people do not delegate? -What type of delegator are you? It includes a Delegation Skills Analysis which enables you to assess your skills in the following areas: -Organising delegation activities -Trusting staff to complete tasks -Planning delegation steps -Training in the delegation process -Managing change and delegation -Keeping staff informed when delegating -Praising staff during delegation -Giving clear instructions during the whole process -Setting realistic standards to achieve post delegation You can use this analysis to plan improvements to your delegation skills.

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