Empowering People

Empowering People (Questionnaire and Interpretive Notes)

The ability to engage with employees and to empower them to optimise their contribution to their job, and to the wider organisation, is an increasing requirement of managers today. Managers however do not always do this well selecting the wrong people to be empowered and failing to use a rigorous process to ensure the success of the empowerment exercise. Using an approach called the five ’E’s of empowerment they can however easily succeed in their empowerment endeavours by: -Engaging fully with employees -Enabling them to grow -Encouraging them in the empowerment process -Enlarging their capabilities and confidence as individuals -Exciting and motivating in the empowerment process This document is a must for all those who want to take seriously the need to empower others.


This twenty three page booklet provides you with a complete guide to good empowerment skills. The following areas are covered: -Employee Engagement -Employee Enablement -Employee Encouragement -Employee Enlargement (in terms of Confidence, Knowledge and Skills) -Employees Excitement

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