Identifying Job Satisfaction Needs

Identifying Job Satisfaction Needs (Questionnaire and Explanatory Notes)

The degree to which we experience job satisfaction is largely to do with whether certain characteristics of the job are to our liking or not. If we know what we are looking for in a job is what we are getting we should be experiencing a high degree of job satisfaction. However if the reverse is true we shall be experiencing a low degree of job satisfaction. By analysing what you need versus what you have got in a job you can identify areas for change in the job make-up and plan how to implement these changes with the help of your manager. In this document we look at a total of twenty different Job Characteristics and the extent to which they meet your requirements.


The document consists of a diagnostic tool which looks at the job satisfaction needs of an individual in four areas: - Environment - Competence - Task - Motivation By completing the diagnostic questionnaire you will be able to identify changes you would like to make in your job to increase your job satisfaction.

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