Identifying People's Potential

Identifying People’s Potential

This powerful document enables you to identify the type of employee potential that exists in a team of people or in an organisation as a whole. Nine categories of employee are analysed and guidelines provided on how to improve their performance and at the same time develop their potential. The nine categories of employee are: - Misfit to the job - De-motivated or right for the job? - Misplaced or underutilised - High performance potential - Comfortable or under-stretched - Timer server - Expert of specialist - Growth potential - High flyer Use the analysis and guidelines to grow people’s potential in a planned way.


This nineteen page document contains a questionnaire to enable you to plot people’s level of performance and potential on a matrix consisting of nine different types of employee. Comprehensive guidelines are provided to enable you to tackle employees who are: - Possible misfits - De-motivated - Underutilised - Potential high performers - Comfortable - Time Servers - Experts - Potential for high growth - High flyers

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