Identifying Talents and Strengths Survey

Identifying Talents and Strengths Survey (Questionnaire and Personal Development Plan)

It has been said that we get better at the things we already do well. In other words, whilst it is important to be competent in our jobs, and to work on our weaknesses, our motivation and performance will improve substantially if we fully exploit the use of our natural talents and strengths in our jobs. It is vital that every employee knows their unique talents and strengths and seeks ways to use these more in their jobs. This document provides a comprehensive list of possible talents/strengths an individual might possess and enables the individual to highlight those s/he would like to use more in their jobs. It provides guidelines for the employee on how to achieve this.


The Talents and Strengths Questionnaire provides a list of 30 Talents/Strengths an individual might possess. The individual reviews the list and identifies their top 10 talents. From this top 10 they select 3 which they would like to use more in their job to increase their job satisfaction and their performance. The document provides an action plan to achieve this.

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